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Wednesday, November 4th - To Do

Started Nov-4 by scapermom; 75 views.
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From: scapermom


Dog had to go out first thing this morning so I changed up my routine. I’ll shower after kitchen cleanup. 
have several piles to go after.

its Wednesday so I’ll do bills & all that goes with it


went thru DD’s dorm pile to see what she still needs. She’s missing basics like a backpack and a good winter coat. The one she has is shot.


maybe shrimp for dinner?


From: friedchickn


Final walkthrough is at 9:30.  I did a quick tour and made a punchlist last night....not a whole lot that can't be done after the fact.  So I'm hoping we can maybe move over some boxes and stuff tonight?  Maybe?

Did a late night load of laundry...couldn't sleep.  At some point, I need to get it out of the dryer so dd can have the laundry room.  Although....she's on a Zoom all day training for her new job again today....yesterday was DRAINING for her.  Poor kiddo.  Can't imagine 8 straight hours of zoom.

Dishwasher is running.

Should be able to sneak a workout in.  Maybe a romwod....kinda depends on the moving situation.

Piano lesson at 4:15

Dump day.  So cat litter and trash oh my.

And....I have a wall that needs sand and spackle....I put some marks taking down a few signs to hang up something new....sigh.  

Working on a grocery and prep list for this weekend.

Need to pay and then setup the new cable account.  Hopefully need to call the movers. 

I made dh and dd new masks....but I didn't know what I wanted mine to look I might go digging through my fabric scraps to see if anything sparks joy (LOL)

And I have a bathroom shelf (that dh made) that I need to paint....probably won't get to this.