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Wednesday November 11th to do

Started Nov-11 by scapermom; 84 views.

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List what ya got 

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Crappy night’s sleep so slept in a bit & moving slow. Just getting the day started. 
Overcast & should be raining soon and continue for a few days.

if I can muster energy May take dog for walk first. 
rest of morning chores tbd.

bills & all that goes with it. Also CSA sign up for next year. Fafsa


maybe an Aldi run?


strength  workout 

Pork chops for dinner. Ended up with sushi last night.

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Zone 2: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, The shining heart of your kitchen is your kitchen sink. Your mission for today is to shine your sink. This is the first assignment that you are ever given. Even I forget what a powerful message that gleaming sink does for me in the morning. I love walking into my kitchen and having that great big smile take over my face.
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Today is Anti-Procrastination Day! We are diving into the Toy Box today! Today is the day for those of you with children, to take 15 minutes to fling through the toy box to get rid of broken toys, toys with missing pieces, puzzles with missing pieces and games with missing pieces. It is time to let them go! Fling, Fling and Fling some more. By the way, you can add this into your 27 fling boogie!
If you do not have children's toys to go through, you are to toss, toss and toss some more of those catalogs and magazines that have piled up. Once again, these items count for a 27 fling boogie!
Happy Flinging!