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Thursday , November 19th - to do

Started Nov-19 by scapermom; 90 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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From: scapermom


Wacky morning. Set my alarm to get up & make sure dd was up early enough for her 7:30 am registration time slot. She was, but appreciated my support throughout the process. She got an error msg for one class she wanted & got approval for prior out of her major. She signed up for a backup but is waiting on response to get the one she really wants. Now if they actually get to go to campus... we’re cautiously optimistic (nj graph of cases looks like a half-pipe)

Got laundry going & dogs been out a number of times enjoying the frosty morning. kitchen clean up next.

DH is with his parents. Taking dad to his dr first then mom for hers later.

now DD’s texting we have internet connection issues...? So I’m tech support too

have bills still to do from yesterday’s list. Also Fafsa, and watch search.

firming up our thanksgiving day menu and shopping list. The smallest turkey I could get was 10lbs & change. Not sure now what day we’re going by my inlaws, SIL threw a wrench in that last night. She wants to go either Wednesday or Friday now for outdoor dessert. 
Dog walk, & workout somehow.
Quinoa crusted chicken for dinner tonight.

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From: scapermom


Today is errand day and I bet you know what is coming! I have issued you missions this week that have to do with things that need to be mailed: Packages and Cards. 
While doing your errands you need to make sure you have your mailing supplies ready. This means stamps for your cards, boxes, markers and mailing paper if needed. When it is time to mail those holiday cards you will be thanking me for making you buy those stamps early!! 
Don't forget on your grocery store run to pick up any items that you can off of your meal plan and menus list for the Holidays. Each time you make a trip to the grocery store look over your holiday planner and see what items you can take care of. 
This will really help you out when you get closer to the holidays and find that you don't have to run out to do a mad dash through the grocery store where you overspend and exhaust yourself. 
?We are FLYing not dashing!

From: friedchickn

Nov-19's incredibly obvious to me that I no longer have any early appointments in my life...I couldn't sleep at all last night cause I was stressing out over getting up early.  Super helpful.  Add to that the sweet harbinger of winter's arrival....the death of the battery in the garage cause of the cold....beep....beep...beep...beep.  I gave up around 4, got up and went and sat and played candy crush in front of the fire while listening to the delightful little chirp....

Inspection went great.  Hilariously wild moment when we opened the door and it was completely furnished....everyone is chattering along talking about living in Portland, realtor opens the door and we all just stand there in we in the right place?  Yup.  Did we see the wrong place before....nope.  Did someone move in?'s definitely staged but yet there's random boxes and pictures resting on the floor....and a bit of a mess...  Seller's realtor shows up...panting....and laughing...."forgot to mention we started staging right before you put an offer in and then obviously stopped".  

Inspector found about a dozen really minor soooooo minor.  I had already told the inspector that we were doing it pass/fail...but as he is describing the items, the seller's realtor says she'll have those taken care of immediately and to just send her the inspection report....O.....K?  That works.  I was gonna make dd follow up on those.

Forgot to leave the earnest money check....had to turn around and go then was tired and hungry and dd and I stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  LOL

Been home for a bit now...

Had to pop over to the Ils to grab a screen that was torn (found during walkthru) for the contractor to drop off for repair.  

Folded and put away yesterday's laundry

And called the insurance agent to get that ball rolling....

Yoga tonight at 5....and that's it for me....done!!!!!  

No clue about dinner...don't care.  I'll eat crackers and cheese and a bottle of wine....