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Tuesday, November 24th To Do

Started Nov-24 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


What is going on today?

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From: scapermom


Slept like crap. Was in deep sleep this am finally but then dog woke me to go out. So coffee will be flowing today! 
on to listing...

laundry’s going, dog is done. Kitchen cleanup once every ones done.

dog walks. Finish the tasks left from yesterday- vacuum & damp mop kitchen and downstairs bathroom. Quick dusting in the dining & family rooms.

have to get the thanksgiving dishes & serving pieces from the basement. Now we’ll be 8 since my sister in law’s plans fell through. So the 14lb turkey was a good call. My BIL will be bringing Chinese since he doesn’t eat turkey. Ok whatever. DH will be picking up desserts and whatever I couldn’t/didnt find yesterday. Not that I needed or wanted but they were out of creamed corn and old bay according to a lady in the aisle who needed to tell me. Lol!


thinking a yoga session for workout 

Eggroll in a bowl for dinner 


From: friedchickn


dh is off skiing for the second glorious day in a row.  He's probably in hog heaven cause it's windy as #### which means the lifts won't be running and he'll have the place all to himself.

dd has classes all I'll see bits and pieces of her.

Stripped the bed.  First load in.  Started the dishwasher.

Can't find the tree I dug out an old blanket and wrapped the ugly in that.  I'll continue putting decorations on it...I'm on the second tray.

Cat water fountain needs cleaning.  It's like a really gross fishbowl.  I hate that thing.

Considering making a quiche for first it was cause I had yoga and needed something dd could just pop in the oven....but now, yoga got worth doing as I have a crust in the freezer that needs using.  No clue what's going in it yet...I'll go freezer diving in a bit.  

Dog claws and bowls

piano practice

workout and a romwod, especially since no yoga.

Got a note from my old physician that it's time to schedule a mammogram....soooo....that should be a bunch of fun figuring that out.

dd approved of the test on the I need to finalize the stitching on them and then get to work on the rest.  Just need to stay ahead of her work schedule....


From: scapermom


We are down to 48 hours before Thanksgiving!! Today is the day to make sure you check your supplies and make sure you have everything you need.
Have you started to defrost your turkey? Check your grocery list, please please please, do not plan on going to the grocery store on Wednesday unless you absolutely have to. The stores are crazy and half the time out of what you will need. 
?Please take time out today to make sure you have all of the items you will need for your dinner. Also do you have things that are easy for breakfast and lunch, so you won't bog down your kitchen with those meals while trying to prepare your meal.
I promise you, things will go so much smoother if you take the time to review your menus, meal plans and double check the pantry and fridge.
I want you all to have a peaceful holiday season!!