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Wednesday, November 25th To Do

Started Nov-25 by scapermom; 73 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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From: scapermom


Ugh can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. So much to still do for tomorrow. 
continue cleaning- DH is stashing his piles today. 

never hauled up my dishes yesterday 

need a last check on ingredients for recipes. Shop or send DH out for what I don’t have. He needs to pick up dessert too.

prep sides and veggies for stock

Prep turkey. It’s still way frozen even tho it’s been in fridge since Sunday! I do a pseudo brine tonight in sink for a few hours.

set table

also need to call eye doc at some point to get DD’s script for new glasses. She may need to go in for a check if it’s been as long as I think it’s been.

doing a set of dish towels in the washer now,then I’ll put in another load of actual laundry.

have to tell everyone a time. Thinking early, like 1:30 start time. 

‘no idea about dinner.something easy with no leftovers.


From: friedchickn


Kinda glad that we are doing Thanksgiving on feels less hectic for some reason?

It's snowing...not a ton, but it's leaving everything nice and white.

Was supposed to go have coffee with my girls....but one of them panicked and now it's off.  Sigh.  Dd is off having coffee with a friend so I asked her to bring me home a treat.

Had to go pick up my IL's.  they're having their snow tires put on.  A) That's not really a thing anymore....just get friggin all weather tires....but whatever. B)  he didn't really ask for a ride so much as told me when he wanted to be picked up.  C) I get there and he's standing outside without mittens looking irritated.'s Maine, where are your damn gloves. And why aren't you waiting in your car like my MIL.  Ya know....where it's warm.

Of course he hasn't mentioned anything about needing a ride back to pick UP his car.....guess I'm just supposed to be at his beck and call.  I mean, it's not like I work or anything.

Dh is off snowboarding....thank you thank you thank you.  His attitude is sooooo much better. and I get some much needed me time....ohhhh, I should put the xmas music back on.

it's wednesday so a dump run is in order....and cat litter.  

never got to the dog bowls yesterday.

piano practice, a workout and a romwod

walgreens challenge

one more pair of scrubs for dd....

and I need to sort out a mammogram.....that should be a 1/2 dozen phone calls for sure....

and....I need to go put duct tape with addresses on the propane tanks at the duplex so that the propane delivery mishap doesn't mishap again....cause it took over a damn week to sort.

still decorating the tree...couple ornaments everytime i go by.

Oh and I almost forgot....pickup dh's fat bike.  dd and i conspired to have her and dh go grocery shopping for the thanksgiving fixings...and she had the brillant idea to go to the store an hour away.  So now I just need to struggle bus to the store....struggle bus back...somehow hide it in the trailer and then quite literally cover my tracks (in the snow).  But then I'm done and just need to sit back and wait for his gifts to arrive!!!