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Friday, January 15th - To Do

Started Jan-15 by scapermom; 127 views.

From: scapermom


Week ending list?

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From: scapermom


Though in my house the work week starts tomorrow... the new cycle can’t come fast enough. DH thinks he should be able to get at least one weekend day. We shall see. 
Morning routine tbd

dh is going to take his mom on some errands and dr appointment. Dd was going to go with him but it sounds like too much of a long ass day. She’ll have to visit another day in the next 2 weeks to see them before heading off.

Want to call another local kennel I heard good things about. Found out She’d need to stay at Doctors office 2 extra days, because they only have half day Saturday and none on Sunday so can’t pick her up. DH is thinking we can take the dog with us since the hotel we booked accepts them, but I don’t see how we do drop off with all DD’s stuff and the dog in tow? Insanity?
‘Need to cancel my misfit box for that week since it comes the day we are heading up there.

Dog walk later when it warms up to 48 degrees 
Yoga session 

Continue to pare down the dorm list. I should start washing the sheets etc not today

Downstairs could use a good vacuum 


prep some overnight oats for DH grab and go breakfast. Also made corn muffins yesterday.

chicken zucchini pasta finally for dinner. 


From: friedchickn


Getting down to the wire with your she excited?


From: friedchickn


having a very lazy morning.

dh got paid and I always forget how the first paycheck of the year is so looooooooowwwww.  It was kind of shocking, actually.  It's fine...I have plenty of buffer right now.  But damn.  That hurt.  Paid bills yesterday...except the water bill at the duplex, which came in the PO run.  So I'll do that big deal.

Dh is making dinner...chicken nachos as requested by the kiddo.

Workout at 2.  A romwod.  plank and some ghd work

piano practice

and that's about it....after that I guess it's chose my own adventure???  Not like I don't have 100's of things that need doing or anything.  LOL


From: scapermom


I think she’s trying not to get too excited just in case they pull the plug at the last minute. Last few days she’s been refininherplanon how she’ll graduate early - not sure what that says? 
Went & got her bed & throw pillows today and sent her the “how to make a dorm bed” and “how to set up a dorm room” screen shots I’ve been saving. She was talking about prints to put up on her wall today too - so at least she’s thinking about it. But I think I’m more excited than she is!  


From: friedchickn


If she can graduate early, it can be a huge savings!!!!  Dd will be graduating a full year early thanks to AP credits, a few summer courses at the local U Maine and some hefty semesters.

Overall it'll be almost $70K savings....can't beat that with a stick!!!