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Thursday, February 11th - To Do

Started Feb-11 by scapermom; 58 views.

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What’s on the list today?

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Something in this house is making my allergies go wild. Fake fragrance usually does this to me. Have to scout around and toss the culprit.

morning routine mostly done. Just more kitchen cleanup after my break-fast. also move clothes to dryer.

Guessing we missed recycling again.
Want to spend time going through emails.

15 mins decluttering 

todays mission 

forgot to write out the CSA check yesterday, so will do it today.

‘it’s errand day, have been making a list for fill in items. So quick trip to grocery store.

‘call my sister to wish her well on her surgery tomorrow. She’s going in to the city tonight. 

think we’ll do takeout for dinner, not feeling up to planning a meal.

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Zone 2: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends, Your Mission for today is to declutter your plastic wraps and foil drawers, cabinets or shelves. We all have a spot that we keep these items and there is always one empty box in there and some lone baggies that are trying to escape. Toss the empty boxes, the rolls of plastic wraps that are too stuck together to work, and those strays that you are not sure if you should use them or not.
This is quick and easy! Have Fun!