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Wednesday, February 17th - To Do

Started Feb-17 by scapermom; 59 views.

From: scapermom


How is it Wednesday list

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From: scapermom


Did we just skip a few days there?

woke up with a headache- did not drink enough water yesterday, will try to make up for it today. 

Dogs fed & out enjoying the frigid temps, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd

Its Wednesday so I’ll do bills & file, etc. May even start to fill out tax papers from accountant if my brain allows 

fly mission and 15 minutes of decluttering - it’s helping 

may run to grocery store, but I’m sure it’s a madhouse since there will be more snow tomorrow. DH already said he’ll be taking class from home the next couple of days. So that’s fun.
Need to start putting together a care package for Dd. She hasn’t minded the food, but now her stomach is being effected. Too much processed junk that she’s not used to. I told her her best bet is to eat from the allergy station- seems the cleanest. 
Dog walk later when it warms up to 30. Yoga sounds like the thing to do for exercise today.

Eggroll in a bowl for dinner.



From: friedchickn


I don't know...and every day this week has just been a whirlwind of activity.  It's nuts.

Dog wouldn't stop pacing outside my door this morning.  For the love of God, the door is cracked, just push it open and go back to bed....but not Leo...Leo would never push a door open.  So I'm up early.

Already had my first round of coffee...been doing 2 cups before dh gets home and 2 after an afternoon coffee or tea.  So yeah, my caffeine consumption is up a touch.

Flipped yesterday's load of laundry and then started a new one.  Linens just take forever to dry...they keep rolling into sausages in the dryer...and if I don't remember to unsausage them then I have to do another cycle.  Frustrating as hell.

Today looks busy on paper...which is never a good sign.

Covid test at 10:30.  No big deal, except I have to put pants on.  LOL.

Vet at 1 for both cats....that should be an event....and I'm not sure where the other carrier I need to figure that out sooner rather than later.

Piano lesson at 4:15

Need to romwod and workout.  Sneak a plank and a GHD workout in there.

Cat litter, dog bowl (didn't get to that yesterday), cat bowls

Need to make some calls about GG and get a box from USPS....really need to ship him a few things.  He says he needs i see a trip to teh store this weekend.

Finished American Dirt and cued up Entitled to the last chapter i maybe 1 chapter today.  They're long maybe 15 min.

Taxes for 15 min.  I'm on deductibles...which is a joke cause we end up with the standard every time and I do the work anyways.

and my fun thing....decided I'd try my hand at propagating dd's rubber tree and looked up instructions on the web.  So today I'll start.  Assuming it's just a 5 min task...hoping....

Plenty of leftovers for lunch and dinner out tonight!!!!  So I'm free of kitchen duties.


From: friedchickn


College food is just junk...and the fact that they're forced to eat the minimum meal plan is outrageous nowadays.  Even when dd had a kitchen, she still had to have a meal plan....WHY??????

Thankfully that phase is over for us.  


From: scapermom


So true! It’s all a money grab. I think once they get to Junior year they can live in the garden apartments and not have the very expensive meal plan. There is a ‘commuter’ plan if they want though. I wonder now if Dd will qualify next year since she’s already at Sophmore standing credit wise? Have to look into that.