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Thursday, February 25th - To Do

Started Feb-25 by scapermom; 60 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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Been up since 6 but refused to get out of bed until I saw daylight. 
Dog done, laundry almost ready for dryer, kitchen mostly clean. Put mail out. Dd checked in. Ready for coffee #2 

leftovers from yesterday include the tax worksheet - started reading it but had a bad sinus headache all day yesterday so couldn’t deal with it. Also left the insurance call and Aldi trip for today.

todays mission and declutter 15 mins.

4 min workouts and something else

research water bottle for Dd - said one she has the straw turned green, so no straw.

prep breakfast sausage patties 

dog walk when DH comes home. 
chicken drumsticks tonight since they weren’t defrosted enough last night. 

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Feel like I just did this 

Zone 4: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends, Today let's clean off the bed side tables. Get all the tissues, trash, books, and cups off of these and put them where they belong. I have spilled many glasses of water because I did not take my cup to the kitchen in the morning! You will love the feeling when you go to bed this evening, and wake up without all that clutter in your face!


From: friedchickn


Watched a murder of crows...murder another crow.  WTF? Has the apocalypse started?

Coffee with my ladies.  Brought adjustable face mask straps for the one and showed the other how to fix holes in her puffy coat with fabric fusion.  

My back is feeling better, not great.  Today is the long romwod and I'll go spend some time on the bike with a podcast again.  That was a nice distraction.

piano practice

sinks. kitchen especially

fold and put away yesterday's laundry

Making english muffin bread so we can have meatloaf sandwiches on toasted english muffin bread for dinner.

And I got a paper ledger to get ahold of GG's finances...I hate paper ledgers...but don't want to invest in another license for accounting software if I'm not gonna be responsible.  So...15 min on that BS

1 more chapter of Baby Teeth.  It's so creepy good.

Boat survey, it's like a house inspection, came back with a list....dh is working with our marina on what it all means and how much it'll all cost.  Good news is that the boat is no water issues.  We won't know about the engine til ice out....holding a fair amount back in escrow to address those issues.  Things are looking pretty good....

Started a new series...Banshee on HBO.  It's a Cinemax's not bad...reminds me of Justified.