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Saturday, February 27th - to do

Started Feb-27 by friedchickn; 54 views.

From: friedchickn


Hope you're sleeping in to get on here and get a few things done before I head off for the day.

Gonna go see dd in Portland.  Bringing her the espresso machine, we don't use and she wants to try.  Some extra tupperware I have kicking around.  and I split my dates, apples and avocados (from the farmer's market) with her.  She'll be thrilled.

We are gonna hit a few stores for clothes, home depot to pick out towel rods (her bathroom has none) and get something to eat.

Then I'll head home.  Just a short visit.  Nice way to break up the week for her and me.

Dh is on Mt Washington at his avalanche course.  He said he's the oldest one in his class by at least 2 decades....and once he got over the fact that most could be his kids....he's having fun and learning lots.  Today should be quite the challenge...they'll be outside all day.  It's 15 and snowing here, so it's gotta be 0 on the mountain.  he's nuts!

he's supposed to be home around I'll see what he wants to do then.

I have 3 episodes of Undoing left!!!!  It's sooooooo good.  I'll probably save those for tomorrow cause dh will be gone again.


From: scapermom


Thanks for posting. Have a nice visit! 
Undoing is enjoyable. I think I watched most of the series in a one day marathon HBO did.
Had a crappy night so slept in a tiny bit this morning. Rained all night long and still going.

‘today’s DHs one day off this week so he’s doing some of his chores around the house like a good boy. I’ll bother him later with the stuff I have on my list for him. Also going to prep some breakfast items for him to grab and go. Want to try that casserole that was posted on 40ish. I’ll remind him to get more eggs this week from his farmer buddy at work when he sees him.

I have the usual morning basics to get to, also yesterday’s mission and declutter for 15

4 minute workout and maybe some time on the bike

rain doesn’t end til late afternoon so guess that’s when we will walk the dog.

 Dinner will be the scallops DH bought along with the salmon yesterday because they looked good - it’s Costco sized so we will be eating them a while - they were previously frozen so I can’t re-freeze them.

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