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Monday, March 1st- to do

Started Mar-1 by friedchickn; 95 views.
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From: friedchickn


Seems that now that someone is childless she's sleeping in....LOL....good for you.

I on the other hand have been getting up earlier and earlier.  SIgh.  Oh well, I don't feel tired.  Just mentally exhausted.

I've already cooked up chourico, had breakfast, working on 2nd pot of coffee, changed our linens and fixed GG's had a broken link, which isn't a big deal if you have an extra link, which he did and the tool....which oddly enough I do have.

Took the sour dough starter out to warm up.  I'll feed it later and get a pizza dough started.  I have leftover chicken that needs using so I'll figure out a meaty cheesy that involves chicken.  Plenty of leftovers for lunch today so my kitchen duties are light. bills, receipts and emails.  Oh joy.  Plenty to do there.  So I'll try and spread the activities out over the week.

A workout, romwod, GHD and plank.  Fingers crossed my back doesn't protest.

piano practice.

Need to swing by my ILs either today or tomorrow and check that the freezer is properly draining.  Dreading this...cause I know he'll hit me with 10 other problems.

Water the plants

Wash the linens...starting with the down comforter which always takes 100 dry cycles.

Read 1's getting really really good

Update my downloaded podcasts...I'd like to get on the bike again some day this week and next week I have an appointment back in Portland so I'll need something to listen to.


From: scapermom


Lol yes good morning!it’s glorious not having to set an alarm. I was up til close to 2 reading - it’s good, but a really long book. Dd did text me good morning at 8:30 so that was basically my alarm. 
‘It’s Monday and a new month so Weekly Home Blessing and a new habit

started whb by stripping the bed and started first laundry load with all of it.
The new habit is ‘getting dressed to shoes’ which I’ve been doing for years. Not one to hang around in robe and pjs all morning. Not that I’m dressed to go out to a club or anything. Get up, get showered & get dressed. Workout clothes are my new norm.

Was considering washing the comforter today, I probably should. ok after this load.

Dog’s  taken care of. DH is at work. Kitchen next.
Zone focus room is the living room - which I don’t have, it’s been converted into the office. So either I do the family room or office when we’re in this zone. 
Have a couple of little tasks leftover that I’ll get to along with the WHB tasks - I will go along with Flylady 11am YouTube live show to make it fun.

‘I’ll do an old school strength training session 

Really didn’t get to meal planning, so should flush something out today. Kind of prepped some over the weekend -made a chicken soup so we can have that tonight. Also made DH a lemon blueberry loaf (they called it a quick bread?)cos I came across the recipe in my emails yesterday and had all the ingredients on hand. We have a ton of scallops that I broiled. I should probably portion and freeze some.

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From: scapermom


Zone 5: Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends: We are only in Zone 5 for today this week. Take time today to put out any major hotspots in your living room. Put out those fires before they really start to flare up!

From: friedchickn


Not gonna lie....I frequently trot around all day in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

ohhhhh.....maybe I'll make a quick bread.  I don't have any sweet snacks on hand.