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Tuesday, March 2nd - To Do

Started Mar-2 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on today?


From: friedchickn


It's cold and sooooooooooooo windy.  Dh went fat biking this morning, he really is insane.  At least he emptied the compost for my outside exposure is really limited now.  

Full page of crap to do just never ends.

Breakfast done, kitchen cleaned, dishwasher unloaded and another pepper got diced for scrambles.

Yesterday's workout didn't make anything I guess I'm on the mend.  Today's workout, GHD, romwod and a plank.

Laundry-linens part 2.  I also scored a pair of shorts and a pair of swim bottoms off facebook.  I want to wash them first before trying them on....cause swim trunks, ewwww.

Dinner-shepherd's pie.  I ended up making a cinnamon blueberry loaf after reading you made a blueberry loaf...thanks for the inspiration!!!

piano practice

dog bowl.  I asked the groomer how often Leo should have his nails done and she suggested every 4 weeks.  So I'm going to put a reminder on the calendar (and treat myself for awhile...since clearly I'm not using all my allowance...I don't go anywhere anymore...thx covid)

Trying to make reservations for dd's birthday weekend.  And struggling.

Texted y Ils about said birthday dinner, then immediately texted asking about the freezer and got radio silence.  So's gonna require a trip.  Which probably isn't today unless i get a bug up my butt.

1 chapter....i'm so close to done and would really like to have it done for my Thursday coffee at the library.  One of the ladies wants it next.

Call GG.  ugghh

Highlight of my day.....getting a hair trim!!!

Need to lookup the tax rate for the condo and get the estimate into my finance software...that's like a 15 min project....assuming the search goes poorly.

Dh called the upholstery guy about the bow pad we were having redone for the other boat.  I didn't want to screw the guy out of income, I know he only takes so many projects for the winter and relies on that income.  So I told dh that if he hadn't started to offer to pay his expenses and some money for time.  Turns out the guy wicked overbooked, hasn't even thought about starting ours and would gladly GLADLY take it off his list.  I'm still insisting on throwing some cash his way when we go to get it.  There's only one reputable guy and I don't want him pissed off.  

As for the old boat.  It sold.  Some guy in Houston...sight unseen.  So I'm gathering all the stuff that needs to go back on the boat before it gets shipped.'s kinda everywhere, cause the timing lines up with moving my Ils to the new side and then dd to the condo....

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From: scapermom


I’m up! It’s windy and got cold again.
Trying to get morning routine in progress - dog, laundry kitchen 

Forgot to water plants over the weekend so will do that today

Texted DD to make sure she’s up for class - I’m suspect since she usually texts me when she’s up and nada yet. Ok she’s up - was at dining hall. 
‘After I finish morning tasks think I’ll do a walk at home video to get the blood pumping

Didnt make it to Hobby Lobby yesterday, will try again today


‘Tasks I didn’t get to yesterday like vacuuming & floor mopping

More reading, the end is in reach, I may be able to finish...

‘Saved a recipe for a turkey cabbage casserole that I want to try for dinner.


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From: scapermom


Zone 1: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends, Let's have a Fire Drill on the flat surfaces of the dining room!Do you have a hotspot in there that is burning? Get out the trash bag and an empty laundry basket. Toss the trash and put the things that need to be put away in other rooms in the laundry basket. Once you have cleared the hotspots, deliver the other items to the proper rooms.
This might take a little longer than 15 minutes if so than work for 15 minutes, take a break for 15 and go do another 15. Let's put out those fires!

From: scapermom


You’re welcome. DH asked me to make another one next week to take to his buddies at work. 
thanks for reminding me to make a hair appointment, I’m due