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Wednesday, March 3rd - To Do

Started Mar-3 by scapermom; 89 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway, dog, laundry kitchen. Decided to try and finish reading the book while I have morning coffee. I don’t know when the day is up for that. Will try the trick of shutting off wifi when done here. 
‘Bike and arm workout 


bills and tax worksheet. Also have a bag of receipts to go through 

dogwalk when DH gets home 

we had leftover scallops last night, so the turkey casserole is tonight 

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Zone 1: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, For today let's grab our feather dusters and dust off the leaves on our house plants and give them a drink of water. If you want bonus points you can pull of some of the dead leaves and blooms, you know....declutter the plants! 
If you don't have any live plants but have some artificial arrangements, dust those off and dump any loose leaves and petals.

From: friedchickn


The wind has died down some....but boy is it cold.  Like holy #### cold.

My #### cat woke me up before 7 cause his water bowl wasn't up to his particular standard.  Sigghhhhh.  Would have been up shortly anyways cause dd felt the need to text me around 7 about an aggressive seagull ( friggin know your number is on emergency bypass right?!?!) and then Poppa texted to inform me that his internet has been down all day yesterday and isn't back up and he's tried rebooting like a dozen times.  Um...1/2 the town is without power or internet...did you fail to notice the 75 mph gusts that ripped through here ALL DAY YESTERDAY? 


So....the last load of linens is in the dryer and I started a load of clothes.  Got kinda distracted yesterday and never finished that last load. 

Breakfast is done.  Kitchen cleaned.  Lunch will be leftovers....either meaty cheesy or shepherd's pie.  And dinner is out.  We still have veggies and meat for scrambles tomorrow.

Back feels the same so I'll continue with the workouts.  Romwod, plank and GHD...although today is typically a lower back muscle day, so that might be an issue, I'll play it by ear.  The pain isn't muscular in fun.

Cat litter and a dump run.  Can't pass on the dump run since I didn't do it this weekend.

Finished my book after dinner last night.  I get to start my new one...The Butterfly Garden.  I don't even remember why I picked this should be interesting.

I have GG's next care package...wallet, repaired watch and some running money.  I'll send that today with tracking and insurance.

Didn't get to the dog bowl cause he didn't eat his breakfast til right before i fed him dinner.

Still waiting to hear back about birthday dinner reservation.  Need to decide if we are doing dessert there or coming back here for dessert and gifts.  And now dd wants to do brunch the next morning at our favorite brunch place so I  need to make reservations for that too....stupid covid.

Big news with GG yesterday.  Dh got the results of the mental competency exam....and shock of all shock...he's not competent.  Duh...I've freakin been saying that for 2 years.  It's a critical piece for the guardianship and will also help dh get control of the accounts.  So far the power of attorney is doing very very very little to help anything on the financial front.  Can't shut off his CC, can't access his accounts...basically we can write checks.  Blindly.  Who knew?

Watched a great Netflix comedy special...Brian Reagan.  Check it out, he was pretty funny.