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Friday, March 12th - To Do

Started Mar-12 by scapermom; 79 views.

From: scapermom


What are you doing today?

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From: scapermom


Just wasted a good portion of my morning trying to snag a vax appointment for my sister. It’s unbelievable how crazy it is here to try to get one. She more than qualifies and can’t get an appointment. Where are we? I don’t know if every state is like this or just stupid nj? Insanity. 
the hoops that people are made to go through to get this vaccine - no words. I joined a Facebook group that has volunteers trying to help people get it. But no luck so far. Every time I see a psa to ‘go get the vaccine’ I cringe and ask where? So frustrating!

ok so started my morning routine while waiting on queues that went no where. Dog done, laundry going, kitchen tbd

Going to try doing a 4 minute work out and maybe a plank

todays mission

tax worksheet 

cvs & Costco run

read and YouTube 

think we’ll have salmon for dinner if Costco has the good stuff 


From: friedchickn


Just getting going....had coffee with my ladies.  Got a new book, a couple of plants and a recipe to try.  Love my girls. (also picked up apricot sage cookies at the bakery...they are sooooo good)

Just finished dealing with a couple GG bills.  Dh gave me the go ahead to start changing as they come in, I'll be doing that.  Eventually I'd like to get them all online....but I also hope to have a much smaller list at that point (i.e. no more house)

Working out at 2.  I'll do romwod and a plank after this.

piano practice

Need to mail the baby blanket....along with today's round of bills.

Read more of my fluff book.

And....small tasks....fold the laundry in the dryer, one more coat on the bottom of the terra cotta saucers, glue an electronic button back together, repot my new plants (they're in a bucket)

Not sure about dinner....maybe gnocchi? definitely wine.