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Monday, March 15th-to do

Started Mar-15 by friedchickn; 104 views.
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From: friedchickn


Here we are at a new week.  Half way through the month...which is scary.  Time is just flying by.

dh took his mom to the eye dr this morning.  Apparently my FIL gave him the wrong address so when they got all the way to Portland he had to call and wake him up.  Of course he was pissed he got woken, you did that to yourself.  Sigh.  I swear the two of them...

I've had a quiet morning.  Just finished a slice of toasted sourdough with farm made blueberry jam.  Refreshed my coffee.

Took out onions and chicken.  Gonna make a chicken pot pie for dinner.

Next up.  I'll do the bills, receipts and emails.  Then start some laundry.

Workout at 4, GHD.  I'll romwod shortly and finish with a plank.

piano practice

week money distribution, water plants

and 1 chapter of my book...still working on the fluff...about 1/2 way done.


From: scapermom


Feeling the same - how is it Monday again already? This lost hour business is knocking me for a loop.
Spent the morning taking care of the normal stuff - dog, laundry & kitchen - also got a notice that vaccine appts were available in town so hopped on that waste of time. 
Dd texted she couldn’t sign in to HBO max last night. I’ve been trying to see what she did wrong. 
started weekly home blessing- stripped bed, linens switched out. I’ll watch Flylady at 11 on Facebook and do a quick run through of all tasks.

sister visit didn’t work out yesterday, so going to head there today after lunch. 
the book I’m reading is kind of boring- I should learn to not trust reviews. But I’m determined to finish it!
Dinner will either be a casserole using the chicken left from yesterday or burgers. 

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From: scapermom


Zone 3: Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends: This week we are in Zone 3. This is the main bathroom and another room of your choice. Our "other" room is going to be taking 5 minutes at those stash and dash spots in your home. Maybe it is the basement, a corner in your bedroom, the guest room or garage. Just 5 minutes each day to put a dent in the stash and dash piles we have built.
Your mission for today in the bathroom is to wipe down around the base and the back of the toilet. This is an area that we all seem to forget about until we notice it on day and it seems too far gone to do anything about it! Grab a rag and some general purpose cleaner and wipe down the toilet from the bowl downward, the floor around the base and behind base. This is a quick and easy mission to do!
Your mission for the Stash and Dash space is to take a trash bag and just toss anything you can see that needs to be thrown away or recycled.


From: friedchickn


Do people really NOT clean the base and the back?  I mean....what about all those Pecker one Aunt used to call them?