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Tuesday, March 16th - To Do

Started Mar-16 by scapermom; 93 views.

From: scapermom


Another day, another list?

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From: scapermom


Slept like crap. Woke up several times during the night. Really need to go to sleep earlier, I think that’s the key?

Morning routine barely started. Might skip laundry.

‘Then today’s mission.

Trip to petco and hobby lobby. May run in to Whole Foods while there for some specialty items.

‘DH has been hankering for Irish soda bread. I think I have the ingredients. I’ll check before I go out so then I can make him some.

need to find a grooming place to get this dog a bath. Huskies are notorious bath haters it’s like bathing a lion with this one. Let professionals deal with her.

‘Basic strength workout, 10 mins on bike

Want to get out some Easter stuff, maybe use some to decorate DD’s next care package.

Dog walk later if the weather holds. 
im on my own for dinner, since DH is doing a double, so I’ll scrape some leftovers together or just have wine & cheese and catch up on some shows - way behind on American Gods.


From: friedchickn


Ya know....I've been on a roll.  I finished yesterday's list, 5th (list) day in a row.  And I read several chapters in my book while enjoying a nice afternoon coffee...

What is going on??????

Oh I know....we are between projects.  LOL.  That'll change.

So most of today's list came about mid yesterday. 

Dh decided he wants to make dinner....but of course we don't have any of the ingredients.  So I put together a grocery list for the "good" store about 45 min away.  Cause there's no chance in hell I can find delicata squash at our little 2 register store.

Then I got an email that the kid's pantry is low....which is great timing....cause that's the grocery I go to!!!  Win win.

So that'll be a couple hours out of my day.

Meeting an old lady at the PO to give her some old sewing patterns that my MIL gave me....seriously?  I'm trying to clean my house OUT.  (Bonus...I'll snag my mail while I'm there)

I'll ROMWOD before all that.  Finish with a plank.  Workout will have to be after my grocery run.  And I'll throw in some GHD.  If I could get rid of the fluff...I'd have great abs.  LOL

Need to decide if I want to make sourdough waffles....or biscuits.  If waffles, they start today.  Biscuits would be tomorrow.

piano practice and feed the piano

Slap the last coat on the terra cotta pot...last pot.  Pull a nail from an old sign and give it a's going on the shelf in our living room.  (It was also the last random item that came from the duplex that needed a home)

Call GG

1 more chapter...I'm eager to start the Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.  It's supposed to be amazing.

Fold/put away yesterday's laundry

And that's there's a really good chance I get my list done....and probably a few other random things lying around.  This is THE LIFE.  


From: friedchickn


Wine and cheese is seriously my favorite dinner....LOL