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Saturday, March 20th - To Do

Started Mar-20 by scapermom; 115 views.

From: scapermom


First day of spring and weekend list?

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From: scapermom


Spent some time trying to help my sister get a vax appointment- she’s gotten one but 2 hours away. So something closer would really be better. But no luck. so frustrating 

Back to regularly scheduled programming 

Working on morning routine. Laundry’s ready to flip, dogs done. Kitchen tbd.

‘Dog bowls need attention, should order her treats too since I couldn’t get them in store the other day and the ones I got are miniscule and will be gone in no time.

have to search for 2 documents I need for taxes, then I’ll at least have all the necessary items ready for upload. 
dog walk later when it warms up - 55 today !

May also do a walk at home video 

Got book back out so need to start reading again

Dh starts his work week tomorrow, so will prep breakfasts and uniforms.

No idea about dinner. 


From: friedchickn


Having a super restful morning.  Dh is hiking Mt Washington and I'm just starting to get moving.

It's gorgeous a super long dog walk is definitely happening.

I have a ton of receipts from the past couple days and dh got theres' stuff to deal with there.  Might save it for Monday, since that's the day it gets done anyways.

Bought some really cute tops for spring/summer, so I should get those washed.  

Took out a Thai BBQ sausage and some breakfast links to defrost for the week.

Started watching the Justice league on HBO's way way better than teh other version that came out a few years ago.  Darker and more in depth.  But's FOUR HOURS!!!!!!


From: scapermom


Thought you were away for the weekend?

where did you end up getting the tops from?

yes justice league is on my radar. Love me some Henry cavill . I’ve seen parts of the original. Was not my favorite I have to say. The dc universe films are too destructive for me - like it’s just over the top you know? But I will give it a chance. 

same here - fairly restful or slow pace at least. DH is working. I’m on my second load - dog towels. Did her dishes too (in sink not laundry lol)

just put in an online order for some summer casual wear

I have some more info to find for taxes, but may push that to tomorrow, feeling like I need a chill day, just the basics. 
Thinking of an old school Sunday dinner tonight - macaroni and meatballs . Now that I’ve gotten the cassava pasta I can eat it again. 


From: friedchickn


Friday and Saturday night.  Although we didn't end up staying Saturday night....cause we were tired and ready to go home.  (Hotel was on points biggie)

It's def darker....not sure if it's more violence.  BUt it has more of a story...and is less my opinion.  I don't usually like those films...not a comic kinda gal....but this is good.  Just holy moly...4 hours.  I also like to support the "also released in theater" stuff cause I'd like that part of covid to continue so I have an option to just watch it at home OR go out.

I got the tops at a bunch of places.  Freeport has a ton of stores....northface, patagonia, ll bean, old navy and aerie and's like 1/2 outlets and 1/2 store fronts.  And the weather was amazing so walking around felt like a million bucks.  I have sucha  struggle finding tops cause i'm tiny but have giant boobs.  So stuff just doesn't fit right and I never know if I'm a small or a medium or a NO FREAKIN WAY.

Did you see taxes got pushed off....kinda excited cause I still need one more piece to do GG's....even though I am pretty sure the accountant filed for an extension.