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Tuesday, March 23rd - To Do

Started Mar-23 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: scapermom


You know what to do

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Another one of those ‘woke up at 6 to go to the bathroom then fell back into a deep sleep’ mornings. Got woken up by Dd texting complaining the maintenance people were in the bathroom so she couldn’t get in there to get ready for her early class.  I shut that down - she needs to advocate for herself or get up earlier.

Doing a system clean on the washer since I did dog blankets yesterday. 
next up is a load of clothes. Dogs been out and is having breakfast now. 
I’ll make 1 or 2 attempts at vax appointments, then move on. 
my inlaws have appointment Friday and sister is April 6th so at least they are set. Sisters conflict with a radiation appointment but she discussed that with them and they said they would skip the day and tack on at the end.

leftovers from yesterday include vacuuming and mission. We’re in zone 4 - bedroom, which is in fairly good shape at least, but always needs maintenance.

possible cvs run so I can finish DD’s Easter box

todays mission 

10 mins on the bike, (watching the Disney 10k virtual run on YouTube while doing it helps) arm work 

have to choose my misfit box stuff- not liking this new method they started. I’m staying with it until growing season starts though.

DH messed up my dinner plan by wanting hot dogs last night - he grilled though so how could I refuse? So salmon tonight for me alone. He’s doing a double then taking off tomorrow since he’s accrued so many vacation days and we haven’t gone anywhere 


From: friedchickn


Yesterday's mysterious meeting went well....going to continue to talk and see where it goes...but it's definitely not going anywhere we still need a project.  Sigh.  That's fine.  I'll just keep looking.  In the meantime, I'll send a chunk to the mortgage on dd's condo.  The goal is to have that paid off by year's end.

Dh had fasting bloodwork this morning and the local lab opens at 9.  Talk about  So I'm just now getting out of the kitchen...more coffee in hand.

He did stop at the post office on his way I have a fist full of issues to deal with.  Awesome!

I'll Romwod after this, toss in my plank at the end.  Workout later with some GHD at the end.  Haven't looked to see if pushups and pullups are on the's just a few minutes at the end so it's all good.

Making sourdough bread.  It's on it's first rise knead is at 2 pm.

Piano practice

Dog bowl and the mudroom in's so gritty in there.  Hate mud season,

Read 1 chapter

Call GG

Water my fig trees and look up when they're supposed to go back out.

And a farm stand run....I'm low on eggs.


From: scapermom


Zone 4: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends: Today is the day to attack the clothes pile. Now you all know what I am talking about. This pile is either on a chair, on top of the hamper, dresser or at the foot of your bed. Set your timer for 15 minutes and grab some hangers or start folding.
While you are doing this do not hang up or fold something that you hate! This is the time to let it go!! If you do not love it, send it right out the door!