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Wednesday, March 24th-to do

Started Mar-24 by friedchickn; 89 views.
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From: friedchickn


Unusually quiet morning.  Dh left to go get his windshield replaced.  The dog went back to bed and my cat declined to get up when I got up.  It's quite literally silent.  I had my coffee, sourdough toast with blueberry jam, worked on my latest puzzle, read 2 chapters of the fluff book I really need to finish...and now I'm ready to get some stuff done.

I'll do my romwod and plank in a bit.  Workout later this afternoon with some GHD situps at the end.  Yesterday didn't have the pushup and pullup challenge so no doubt that's on today's list

I have a piano lesson at 4:15.

Cat litter and dump run.  Also been trying to straighten up the utility room where the cat box stays.  It's gotten cluttered.  So I'll just take a few minutes to identify anything that needs rehoming.

Lunch...leftovers.  Dinner....out.  I want to make some almond joy cookies....I think I have everything but almonds.  So a short grocery trip may be necessary.

Just placed my farmer's market order.  I'll tweak it on Friday before it closes.

And that's it....odd, right?


From: scapermom


Odd but nice!

Got up late again with the 5something bathroom break then back into deep sleep. I think it’s that last herbal tea before bed that’s doing it. Gonna try cutting that out and see what happens.

dd and DH already texted me with emergencies- Dd had a contact problem and DH forgot his iPad. I am doing nada about either except advise and unplug.(DH decided to go in today last minute)

Just flipped the laundry. Dog hasn’t come down yet! Kitchen tbd

your mention of almond joy cookies (which sound delish) reminded me that I’ve been making something special every week, and haven’t yet this week. Hmmm maybe some oatmeal cookies? I think I have all the ingredients. Maybe I’ll pack some in DD’s Easter box too?

10 mins on bike and some yoga

It’s Wednesday so bills, receipts & filing. Final touches on tax worksheet? I have a short list for what I need to look up.

Today’s mission 

dog walk later if not raining 

dinner will be spicy chicken drumsticks and roasted asparagus 

read for 15, still have at least 1 episode of American Gods to catch up with too (apparently I missed a good chunk of the 2nd season somehow, but I’m not going back and watching)

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From: scapermom


Always a good one! 

Zone 4: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, Wednesday is Anti-procrastination Day. We are going to straighten up the floor of your closet! Are the shoes piling up and you can't find two shoes that are a like? Do you think you have too many shoes? While you are lining up your shoes; pick two pair to give away or throw away. The next time you are looking for the pair of shoes that match your outfit, you will smile because you will be able to find them without getting down on your hands and knees. This will put another smile on your face and keep your hair from getting messed up.