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Thursday, March 25th - To Do

Started Mar-25 by scapermom; 95 views.
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Zone 4: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends: This week, we have been tackling clutter in our bedrooms. So, today we are going to clean off the nightstands! Get the tissues, cups and stuff that has piled up, toss and put away. Then grab a feather duster or dust rag and dust the surface. Place a pretty candle or picture there. Something that is new to that spot that you love to see.Waking up and not seeing a pile of things on the nightstand and a pile of clothes will make your morning a little brighter!
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Morning tasks in progress - dog done, kitchen started, laundry tbd, mail and recycling at the curb

DH got up & out to take his parents to their various appointments and errands

i’ll do my 10 minutes on the bike, then have my breakfast smoothie 

have several piles to get to

determined to finish tax worksheet today - gather all the things. Also upload receipts and finish filing

put in dog treat order

todays mission 

didn’t make the cookies yesterday, hopefully today

dog walk

read for 15

catch up on YouTubers I follow 

took steaks out for DH to grill since he’ll also be making hot dogs to take to his parents tomorrow. He bought some new wine for us to tap into as well.


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Just getting on here now....cause my computer arrived yesterday and I decided today was the day to set it up.  Setup went really was the upgrade to Big Sur that took FOREVER....  But it's done and damn is this thing fast.  Leaving my old computer set up til maybe Monday.....just in case.  Then I'll wipe it clean and pack it up.  Dd is taking it....

Had coffee with my ladies this morning.

Cleaned the bathrooms and did a load of laundry.  

Weather was rainy and awful this morning but then cleared up and was I took the dog for a long walk while I waited on the computer.

Also finished my puzzle.

Still need to do the long romwod, piano practice...and dinner will be black bean soup and grilled pimento cheese on sourdough.