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Sunday, March 28th - Weekend To Do

Started Mar-28 by scapermom; 85 views.
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From: scapermom


 Getting in some much needed quiet time this morning. DH is at work, dogs been out (before the rain thankfully) and fed. Really don’t have much in the way of laundry to do so going to skip that today. 
Started kitchen cleanup.

Have to remember to give the dog her meds. Her bowls need some attention as well.

I’ll water plants 

Check the tax doc uploads I did yesterday to see if they went through - got forever spinning wheels until I gave up and logged off. Love all this high tech but it would be faster and easier for me to just drive the half hour over to the place and drop everything off, but they’re working from home still.

Devise Meal plan from what I’ve got, and make grocery list for what I need. 
Think I might go old school Italian today for dinner and make pasta with Sunday sauce


From: friedchickn


I ended up taking a much needed (and weird) nap yesterday.  Woke up feeling 100% better.  The sun was shining so I convinced dh to take a walk with me and the dog....well....2 hours later after 1 poorly decided on turn....everyone was cold and miserable.

Finished the night watching boat fails on Youtube and the new HBO series Generation...which is really good but edgy.  Dh made a batch of sangrita mix and we tried out the Sotol (it's like tequila but it's not tequila at all) we found a few months ago.

So here we are at today.  Dh is so sore from everything he's been doing that he took the morning off and is currently melting in the hot tub.

I still need to do the cat litter and the dump run.  And hang that one picture.

Dh has agreed to wipe my old computer clean, then I'll pack it up for dd.  She's gonna try it...then sell it if she doesn't want it.

Movies with my friend this afternoon.

And that's about it....