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Wednesday, March 31st - To Do

Started Mar-31 by scapermom; 88 views.

From: scapermom


End of month list

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Process went great for the shot yesterday. I was in and out within a half hour. Longest part was sitting after for 15 minutes. Arm is sore like I did a good workout of military presses and energy is definitely zapped a bit. 
‘Just took care of dog and put up a load of laundry. 
it’s Wednesday so I’ll do bills and whatever else I can muster that goes with it.

Dog walk before it rains. 
thermostat upstairs needs a new battery 

The fly mission 
other than that it’s feeling like a rest day. Will I read, catch up on shows  or play computer games? Found out yesterday that American Gods isn’t being renewed so wondering if I should bother finishing and being left with questions. There are books I could read that would help at least.

Honey garlic chicken drumsticks in the instant pot for dinner


From: friedchickn


How. Did. That. Happen. back is better but not fine. It's not really my back, it's a chunk of meat right above my hip.  I'll take it easy again on the workouts.  Added a good 30 min assault bike to a podcast to kinda get a bit more in yesterday.  So I guess I'll finish the podcast today?  Sigh.  Romwod and plank were fine. So I'll get to those soon.

Piano lesson at 4:15

Need to finish the linens from yesterday...probably 2 loads.

Cat litter.  Won't need a dump run.

1 chapter

Need to figure out why I'm not scheduled for an annual physical.  And then schedule one.

Dinner out!!!  Although I have some potatoes to use up, so I'm gonna make some home fries.  I'll add leftover chicken sausage, peppers and chopped onions from the fridge.  Fridge needs some thinning out.  Lots of little leftovers. I'll make that disappear

We have a preliminary meeting with GG's court appointed lawyer (yes we retained a lawyer of his own for him, but the court rejected that and appointed their own...uh, ok).  No idea what we'll discuss....or why.  The whole friggin process is new (and not exciting)

I also have a stack of GG bills.  I've started switching the addresses and will start attempting to pay these online since I now have access to his bank account (well dh does...but dh doesn't pay bills, now does he)


From: friedchickn


I vote for rest up!!!!