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Easter Weekend list - 4/3 to 4/4

Started Apr-3 by scapermom; 85 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on?


From: friedchickn


It's a quiet day so far.  I made a list of stuff I want to get done this weekend, including a few ted talks, a movie, etc. Along with a few chores and a couple errands.

Not sure what time dh will be home either day...guess I'll see.

Also stacking up a few projects/tasks for next week.  Always trying to just do a little better...KWIM?

Oh....if you haven't watched Seaspiracy on netflix yet...DO.  It's horrifying.


From: scapermom


Same here. Fairly quiet day. Got to bake gluten free cookies for myself and some regular oatmeal raisin for DH and mail to Dd (maybe?) 

‘Did laundry, put away that and yesterdays 

listened to DD’s radio show

made tuna subs for dinner - a friend of mine posted she had them last night and they looked good. DH ran out for gluten free rolls for me and some other items I had on my white board list

Dh starts his work week tomorrow so I’ll make some overnight oat jars for him to grab & go with. He also bought some pastry to share with his buddies at work.

I will check that out thanks