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Tuesday, April 6th-to do

Started Apr-6 by friedchickn; 105 views.
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From: friedchickn


I slept like crap.  So when my eyes popped open around 7:30, I rollled over and tried to ignore it.  Kinda another 45 min of dozing at least.

So now I'm up, and caffinating.  I toasted a leftover corn muffin and covered it in peanut butter...that'll have to do.  Kitchen is all cleaned up and I'm getting my day together.  Slowly.

Think I need to break down and go to the grocery store.  There's about 10 random items on my list....and they've been there for awhile.  When was the last grocery trip?  

I'll romwod in a bit...finish with some side planks.  Workout this afternoon and finish with some GHD.  No pushups or pullups today....thank goodness.

piano practice.

started a new book...I hate how she writes but I like the story and it moves pretty fast.  So I'll continue.  Maybe I can be done for coffee Thursday and pick something new up.

Dinner...ravioli, meatballs in a vodka sauce.

Dog needs his heartgard

Had so much oldie fun yesterday....NOT.  The future Mrs. GG called dh and told him that GG said she could have his credit card back.  Back being the key word there...she's denied having it during past conversations.  Dh told her no.  Said if you pay for something send us a text message with the receipt and I'll happily venmo the cash.  She went ballistic.  Sigh.  April 16th can't come fast enough....and it appears we'll be seeking a restraining order shortly after that.  Fun fun.

Then my FIL called cause his internet was down.  Yup....spectrum was down for pretty much most of the Northeast for no apparent reason...nothing we can do.  He went off on dh about yeah, I think he's off his meds again.  Joy.

I have a bunch of follow-up on the oldies today....bills mostly.  And of course....a call to GG.  Guess I can skip the call to my ILs.

Hoping teh sun pokes out today....I could use an after dinner dog walk...but don't want to freeze my ass off.


From: scapermom


The future mrs what what? Must have missed a post or three?! 

I'm up, got up grudgingly at around 7:45. Showered, dressed (such as it is). 
have leftover tasks from yesterday-mostly involving the vacuum. Dog hates it and attacks it when I use it in a room she’s in, so I now have to plan around her movements or chase her out before I turn the thing on. It’s fun... 

have to get back to my 10 mins on the bike and maybe some arm work or plank? 
should check in with accountant

dh is doing a double today. So lots of time to myself! 
still more leftovers to get through for lunch & dinner


From: friedchickn


Oh it's a long story...been going on for awhile.  Basically GG is being scammed by one of the visiting caretakers.  She was with the agency we were using....convinced GG to fire the agency and pay her privately.  She got fired (obviously) and we had adult protective services involved cause she threw a fit in the bank when they wouldn't let him withdraw a bunch of money.

It's not clear how much she's suckered him for...thousands.  She's still using his CC info, although we have possession of the card.  We can't turn the card off cause a power of attorney isn't enough.  

She still visits him at the assisted living place and brings him stuff, still has keys to the house.  Gets him all fired up when she goes.

We call her the Future Mrs....cause I'm pretty sure that's what she was shooting for.  Or to just suck him dry.

She called dh yesterday and raged at him about the credit card.  And now dh just got off the phone with the bank....cause she's there throwing a fit that she can't withdraw funds.


From: scapermom


Oh no! But unfortunately I’ve heard of this or similar happening before. My cousin in laws 80something dad had a ‘girlfriend’ who took him to the bank for weekly $1,000 withdrawals. People are disgusting!

Good luck dealing with it all