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Thursday, April 8th - To Do

Started Apr-8 by scapermom; 75 views.

From: scapermom


What’s shaking in your world?

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Another late rise and 2 good sleep scores in a row! Been having my herbal tea earlier and trying to take the melatonin earlier, but still not falling asleep until after midnight. Maybe I need to go back to the 10pm in bed routine? 
Morning routine underway. Dogs just eating now. Laundry is doing it’s thing. Is the kitchen ever finished? 
Recycling is out. Mail will be shortly. 

DH left to take his parents for eye appointments. 
Bike for 10, maybe a short walk at home too

upstairs needs vacuuming 
may take a run to Aldi for a few stock up items

upload the receipts I didn’t get to yesterday, also deposit checks

figure out a birthday gift for Dd. I think we’ll be going up there next weekend. It’s just before her birthday. Hope to be able to take her out to dinner. But gift wise no ideas. 
found a half bag of lentils in the pantry so going to make a lentil Dahl for dinner. Not DHs fave, but too bad. I’m sure his mom will be feeding him today.