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Friday, April 9th - To Do

Started Apr-9 by scapermom; 96 views.

From: friedchickn


ooooof.  It's been a couple of days....

Prep for GG's deposition on Monday.  DD came home yesterday for a visit.  My Ils are driving me nuts.  I'm losing my ####....not gonna lie.

So....just trying to hit the big ticket items every day and get any other little stuff done in between, while keeping my sanity.

Workout and Romwod...and all the extras.  Sanity saver for sure.

Piano practice...may or may not happen, might have to "catch up" this weekend.

Breakfast and lunch are on your own.  Tonight we 'have" to take my ILs to dinner.  Did I mention they're driving me nuts. 

Pretty much everything else is prepping for the deposition.  Been deep diving into GG's finances for the past year to build a case of incompetence....and fraud.  Assuming we end up with guardianship on the 16th, we'll be looking at getting a restraining order and filing criminal charges.  Sigh.  What a #### show.

So yeah....that's my life.

Oh and found out today that dd won't have a ceremony for graduation.  She's kinda bummed.  So as soon as I can get my head out of my butt....I'll figure out something special for her.


From: scapermom


All I can say is ‘oi’ and good luck!

DDs school is having a ceremony but for students only this year. 

‘ok my day has been one hijack after another. Maybe it’s something in the air? Same with just trying to get the basics done, in between phone calls and DH ideas.

workout sounds like a great escape, so I’ll be getting onthe bike after I flip laundry. Then maybe some arm work?

dinner will be take out for sure.


From: friedchickn


Thanks....I don't get alot of "love"on this particular topic (GG) on the 40's board.