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Apr 10&11- to do

Started Apr-10 by friedchickn; 107 views.
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From: friedchickn


I had one thing that HAD to get done and I did it.....dump run.

Now I'm just puttering through the 100 things that need doing, while trying to do some things I actually want to do.  LOL.


From: scapermom


Rainy Sunday and not much going on here either. DH is at work and I’ll get the basics done.
Feeling the need for a good yoga session. Maybe it’s the rain, my old mattress or just what happens when you’re closing in on 60, but woke up with various aches and pains. Plus slept like crap, even with melatonin. 

fedex is a mess again. They said they delivered a package on Friday but it wasn’t here, then mysteriously showed up the next morning. My misfit box was supposed to be delivered yesterday but was a no show. Today I get a message that something else I ordered will be delivered. 

‘today’s a good day for phone calls and catching up. Oh and Dd needs to put in for housing for next year so I’ll be moral support for that. Leaning towards a single, but they are limited, so in that case she’ll get randomly placed again. It’s really her only option since she’s only met a handful of people and they’re all set with roommates.

Sheet pan chicken and Brussels sprouts tonight. 


From: friedchickn


A single is definitely the way to's a luxury for sure...but the ability to close the door and have your own space is key.  Escape the drama!!!!  Very glad I won't have to think about that for the next 15 months (or more????)

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From: friedchickn


Sunday funday!!!!  

Dh had a great time at his course yesterday.  Came home tired but refreshed.  Said he didn't think about GG once (must be nice)

Just finished making myself breakfast and doing some light kitchen wasn't bad...snacks and dh's morning stuff.

Need to practice piano.  Might do a yoga myself.

I'd really like to get the patio furniture out and settled.  And vacuum the whole's a little furry and I missed my usual vacuum days this week.  So I'll probably mix those tasks in with some episodes of Call The Midwives.

Meeting friends for drinks later...