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Tuesday, April 13th - To Do

Started Apr-13 by scapermom; 91 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine started, dog stayed upstairs for some reason. 

I’ll do an inventory and track when the next butcher box is coming. Pulled out the last of the box from last month for dinner tonight. But feel like there are some prepared meals in the freezer I’m missing. 
Either way should make an Aldi and Costco list for fill in and stock. 

Bike for 10ish. It’s helpful for watching YouTube. Need another yoga session to work on lower back. 
Today’s Flymission 

I could use a manicure. Need to check when I’m due for hair and make an appointment.

dinner tonight is steak, kale chips and oven fried sweet potato wedges 


From: friedchickn


Taking deep breaths...yesterday didn't go how I thought it would and I have more questions and concerns then I did going in...sigh.  Guess it's just gonna be what it's gonna be and we will learn to adapt?  Need to put it out of my mind and focus on MY life, not his.

Dh is off clearing winter fall from 2 trails he's responsible for.  Took off early with his pack and a chain saw.  He'll be back before lunch....and I know he needs the downtime.  We did part of a trail last night when we got back.  Took the dog and let him run like a mad man.  We all needed it.

Kitchen is all cleaned up.  I'll start laundry in a bit and do my romwod and plank.  Been focusing on side planks.

Workout later, and some GHD.

All my Monday list....bills, receipts, emails, week money and plant watering.  

piano practice

teh list just goes on and on...I'll do what I can.


From: scapermom


Not sure I’ll get to this today, but putting a pin in it here...

Zone 3: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends:Today we are going to shine our tubs or showers! We have talked about shinning our sinks since you started and we want you take 5 or 10 minutes to shine that tub or shower. Do not get obsessed with the tub being perfect. You can do this mission while you are in the shower, just scrub the tub with whatever works. Anything is better than nothing, then spritz it with a little windex and dry it with a towel like you shine your sink.
On to the guest bedroom! Today we are going to tackle the bed and get it company ready. If you need to tackle this 15 or 10 minutes at a time that is fine, don't burn out. Now, if the bed is already clean ask yourself "how long has it been since the sheets have been washed?"Babysteps, set your timer for 15 minutes!