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Friday, April 16th - To Do

Started Apr-16 by scapermom; 89 views.

From: friedchickn


Court hearing got continued cause they won't allow the letter written by the doctor to be admitted as evidence, and now we need to produce the doctor.  So....that went well.

And I was supposed to do the farmer's market "work" today....but cause of the snow and old people they delayed it til tomorrow and I declined to volunteer that day.  I'm kinda sick of working with this one idiot....

So....I have a whole lot of nothing.  Which matches my attitude (and my attention span).

At least I have plenty of time to workout....and practice my piano.  Both have been neglected this week and that makes me sad.

In a fit yesterday....I rearranged the mudroom to better accommodate the dog's bed.  We've been penning him in there alot more (snow barfing, dog walkers, etc) and I was sick of tripping over his bed.  I need dh to move the coat hooks....but I like the arrangement better.

Maybe I can rage clean my closet.....

Dinner out cause it's Friday....


From: scapermom


All over the place today and just getting back here. I started this post at least an hour ago.

dd is stress texting/FaceTime ing about class registration for fall and her 4 yr plan. Along with possible socializing this weekend. Everything is more complex now in the world of ‘rona 

Did my morning routine, DH made nice breakfast omelettes.
Early dog walk while the sun was out mostly. 
Toilets done.

coupons and sale papers checked.

10 mins on bike 

just got this weeks misfits box, so need to sort through and figure out how I’m using it all. Last weeks was late so now I’ve got too many veggies. So maybe soup or stew to use a few ata time? Going to roast the beets from both boxes now, along with a spaghetti squash which I’ll have for dinner. DH is on his own.