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Saturday, May 29th - weekend To Do

Started May-29 by scapermom; 74 views.

From: scapermom


Starting this summer with a list?

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From: scapermom


Stormy night here. Sleep was elusive at best. Cold again too. Expecting rain all weekend. Glad I wasn’t planning a big bbq bash! 
‘DH is back at work. I’m sure he’s exhausted, though he did fall asleep during Wonder Woman 1984 about a half hour into it. But he woke up later on and got himself situated for early morning departure. 

 My plan is to get some good reading in this weekend along with the basics.

My hip is weirdly in pain when I walk, don’t know what I did, maybe walked wrong? Or more likely strained it. Is this just what happens when you hit 60? Did yoga yesterday and heat last night that helped. So resting it today. 

Maybe a visit to my sister tomorrow or Monday? She’s doing much better, and even had a fight with the manager in Lowe’s yesterday, so pretty much back to her old self. Her eating is improving, but still on puréed foods, at least she’s eating and desires food sometimes. Still no taste though.

Want to sit down with Dd now that she’s finished her class and go through everything she needs to take care of before returning to school. Hers is requiring the vax, so she needs to factor that in. Though it’s much easier to get now. 

I need a grocery run. Freezer is fairly bare. I do have burgers and dogs for holiday eating at least. Also just found some veggie chili in the freezer to defrost for tonight’s dinner. Not DHs fave, but I’ll make some pasta for him to have his on and he’ll be fine.