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Tuesday, June 1st - To Do

Started Jun-1 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s plan? 

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From: scapermom


Rolling along. Up too early, starting to think it’s impossible for me to get 7 hours. 
Started a load, & she’s ready to flip. Dog’s been out & fed, kitchen round 1 done. 
First 4 min workout done. recharging Fitbit- needs it more often, think it’s on its way out
Have some papers to scan for DH 

trash collection 

Will head out to store after that. 
‘Today’s Flymission 

At least one more 4 min workout 

‘Dog walk later with Dd. 
Read a few chapters 

Dinner is kale lime beef soup


From: friedchickn


hey there!!!!

It's been a crazy couple days and I am drowning in piles and notes of stuff to do.  Ugghhhh.  Definitely don't have this boat weekend thing down yet.

Breakfast is done....there's nothing for lunch, so I need to figure that out sooner rather than later.  There will be a grocery trip today....just not prepared at all yet.

We got a call yesterday (on the way home)...that the the pavers would be here tomorrow.  So dh spent the morning moving the trailers and stuff to the rental.  That'll be a thing tomorrow....ooooof.  But at least it'll be done.

Workout plan...a run, a plank, some GHD and yoga at 5

Laundry....sooooooo much laundry.  I left a huge pile when I left and man, it multiplied.  Working with a timer today so I don't space and forget...and maybe I can push more loads through.

Cat litter

Water plants

piano practice

bills, receipts and emails oh my

sour dough starter

and if I can muster the fortitude....a GG call.

No clue about dinner. yet