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Wednesday, June 2nd - To Do

Started Jun-2 by scapermom; 84 views.
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From: scapermom


Week is just flying! Wednesday already? 
been up for a bit. Didn’t even get 6 hours last night. need to work on this. ran out of melatonin, guess I should pick up more in my travels?

Garbage rounded and at the curb. First 4 min workout done. Dog taken care of. Laundry & kitchen tbd.

it’s Wednesday so time to do bills & what goes with it. Have to send all those scanned papers from yesterday to MILs lawyer once I get their info. Also check into changing our gas meter.

dog needs her meds. Walk her later.

Bike for 10 & arm workout, then 2nd 4 min

Need to hit the Italian specialty shop for chicken sausage for tonight’s recipe, Sausage fried kale


From: friedchickn


Breakfast done, laundry restarted....folded some, put some away, tossed one sleeping bag in for a final air fluff and started another.  Hoping this can be the last day of mountains of laundry.  sigh.

oh...dishwasher unloaded.

Paving guys were here bright and early.  Lucky me.

Dog is getting his nails done at 10....then I'll pop back here to dump him and head to the grocery....never made it yesterday.  Should also mail a few GG bills and check our box.

Piano practice (quick run through), feed the piano and piano lesson tonight.

Romwod, plank, GHD and today's crossfit workout.  Yesterday included a 1 mile run and while I hated it....I might start tossing one in a week.  Just to further torture myself (and keep the boat weight off)

Made all sorts of appts yesterday and managed to forget the AC in my car.

Dinner out tonight...but I HAVE to pick up something for lunch....pulled some leftovers yesterday from teh freezer for both lunch and dinner and I don't think I can get away with that again.  On the plus side....met this week's 3 from teh freezer agenda.  LOL.

Maybe a walgreens run...

1 chapter...still trying to finish my book.

and maybe some vacuuming....this place is getting bad.