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Monday, June 7th - To Do

Started Jun-7 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: scapermom


What’s up today?

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Pretty low key weekend since DH starts his work week on Saturday. 4am comes pretty quick. Plus it’s hot like August already. just took care of some basics, helped Dd make a vax appt. and plowed through most of Dear Edward. Going to try to finish it today since it expires. Have to check how much time I have left. Also made my misfit order within an hour of it going live yesterday and stuff was sold out already!
 This morning I’m considering taking the dog out back to bathe her, but not sure I’ve got the energy to do it alone. Huskies hate baths like cats.
She’s fed and been out once already. I started first batch of laundry and did first kitchen cleanup. 
 Weekly home blessing started - bed, kitchen & bath linens gathered. Going to wait for Flylady show at 11 for the rest of the tasks.

The kitchen is this weeks zone, and mine needs the attention. 
Dinner will be almond salmon and greens 

Challenge week 1 recap: lost 3.8 pounds and several inches on various body parts except arms. Which makes sense since I do basic arm toning exercises with 5 lb weights a few times a week. 

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Zone #2 Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends, Let's take a close look at the gadgets and small appliances. When was the last time you cleaned out your toaster; opened up the bottom and dumped the crumbs? How dingy or dusty is your coffee maker? Do we even want to talk about the blades on the electric can openers? How about the outside of the microwave?
Wipe them down and make them shine. I am not telling you to drag out every small kitchen appliance you own and to scrub them. Just wipe down the fingerprints, dust, drips, dried food particles on the most used items. Make sure you unplug these items before you clean them!
Don't obsess, set your timer for 15 minutes and have fun!

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I need to give the toaster some love...


From: friedchickn


Pulled into the marina and made myself a strong drink on Friday and not more than 5 min later my FIL texts me that the ceiling collapsed in the livingroom and there's water everywhere....WTF?????

So....several phone calls later and even though my contractor was on vacation in Colorado and my plumber in Massachusetts....they arranged for a knowledgeable friend to go over and stop the leak.  Now for repair and cleanup....apparently someone (one of the contractor's guys I'd guess) put a sheetrock screw through a heating line and once it had rusted enough it let loose.....

Laundry started, breakfast done.  Dh went to the PO so I have a giant stack of stuff.

I'll start in on my Monday tasks....emails, receipts and bills.  water the plants, fig trees and lemon tree.  Cat litter.  Week money.

Workouts today....romwod, plank, GHD and crossfit....hoping there is no HOT as hell running involved.

piano practice

read 1 chapter, I really need to finish Dear Edward. gonna involve sour dough starter.