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Wednesday, June 7th - To Do

Started Jun-9 by scapermom; 100 views.
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Morning routine going. Dogs done, laundry’s going, kitchen 1st swipe. 4min workout done. Collected last nights garbage and put at the curb.

have to put together a small grocery list for the specialty store we;ll pass on the way home from DD’s eye appointment.

bills etc later


kale and sausage for dinner

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Zone #2 Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends, Let's go back to basics and get rid of the dirty dishes. Any dishes that are in the sink or on the counter or hidden in the oven, you know where you hide them, WASH them! Take the bull by the horns and just do it! Wash, them, dry them, put them away! If you have a dishwasher, fill it, run it, and empty it, if they all won't fit into the dishwasher then you have to hand wash those! No waiting for the next load! DO IT!
Once you have finished taking care of the dishes, Shine that SINK!


From: friedchickn


It's soooooo hot.  After the dump run, tried to plant a few more things.  Got all but 3 in the ground and I just couldn't take it anymore.  So I watered those and they'll just have to wait.

Dh was up at 4....couldn't sleep.  So he cleaned the garage.  Damn!!!!

The list is pretty short again I'll be doing more catch up stuff....which feels good.  Hate when piles start forming.  It's sooooo frustrating.

Romwod once I cool down a bit.  Plank.  Crossfit and some GHD work.  Yesterday's workout involved running....I thought I was gonna die in that heat.

Piano lesson

One of the closed restaurants in town is opening back up tonight....I'm not usually a fan of the place, but I suggested to dh that we take his parents....kill 2 awful birds with one stone...LOL