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Thursday, June 17th - To Do

Started Jun-17 by scapermom; 89 views.
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Up but moving slow, enjoying my coffee, then ill start on the morning routine.

‘We ended up going by my sisters earlier than I expected so I didn’t get to bills, etc. so that’s for today.

going to have an overload of veggies this week because I forgot the CSA started (finally) this week. Need to pause the misfit market box. Any fill in I need can be done at the town farmers market on Sunday’s.

Should make a grocery list - we are out of DD’s oat milk and low on cheese and olive oil. Then go shopping.

pork chops and fennel salad on tonight’s dinner plan

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Zone 3 Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends, Today is errand day so let’s take off with a 27 fling boogie. Combine the main bathroom and the extra room of your choice and quickly gather 27 pieces of trash to throw away immediately. As soon as you are finished take the bag out to the trash can, this way it will not find its way back into your home. If you have to run errands that take you away from the house here is a bonus mission. I want you to find 10 things to donate to goodwill, shelter, or any non-profit around your area. Don't forget to post your pounds in the meter. Every little bit counts.