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Friday, June 25th - To Do

Started Jun-25 by scapermom; 112 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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From: scapermom


So already managed to catch a finger in a window . Dang thing was heavier than I thought or some inner mechanism broke?  I was doing it one handed too. Had bright idea to let in some fresh air this morning from the mud room storm door while it was coolish. It scraped my nail polish clear off & maybe some nail too? Been icing it. Sigh

Did manage to feed & let dog out, also put up first load of laundry. Need to remember to do a load of DH work clothes. Speaking of, I’ll set up some overnight oats later too.

he’s at his parents now, they had early morning blood tests and then errands 

I’m on veggie overload, so need to clean & prep some things before the rot.
‘Dog walk later

owe my sister a call. 
todays Flymission

ill see if I can hold a weight to do an arm workout, if not ill do a walk at home video 

Dinner will be fend for yourself- I’ve got leftovers or they can treat themselves with takeout.

then we need to watch something on Apple TV (though it’s hockey playoff season so DH has been occupied with that)


From: friedchickn


I sent dh to drop the dog for should have seen the sheer look of panic that they both had.  Seriously.  I packed his bag, drive to the damn place and hand everything to the girl.  That's it.  Sigh

My friend is picking me up shortly, she needs my med card to get some gummies for her son, he's almost 40....and coming up for the July break

Dh wants to leave by 1....I'm toying with the possibility of that.  But there's still alot that needs doing.  And he's gonna be an ass about it....just not sure how willing I am to shove back on this.  It's almost time for me to give him a talking to again.  Why????  Is this my life forever....every 6 months or so I have to tell him he's being a selfish controlling ass and to knock it the F off.  Can't he just manage it himself?

So....that's about it....


From: scapermom


I think that’s a real problem we “stay at homes’ have - people just don’t respect our time and think we’re always available. Just because we don’t ‘punch a clock’ doesn’t mean we sit around all day waiting for someone to come up with something for us to do! 
Like last night I was trying to do the waiver for DD’s school health insurance and they asked very in depth questions on what our insurance covered. After I reread one question for the third time I had to grab all my papers and go upstairs since DH had the hockey game blaring and I couldn’t concentrate. He noticed me leaving and was like’ Where/why Ya going?’