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Monday, July 5th - Long Weekend list

Started Jul-5 by scapermom; 89 views.

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What’s on the To Do list today?

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Not a holiday here - DH worked yesterday and today. He had a hell of a time trying to get to sleep with all the bombs bursting in air going on here. I’m sure he’ll be exhausted today. Dog wasn’t too happy either. They started early and went late too. At one point I put her in the bedroom with spa music playing and it did help for a bit!

ok so it’s a normal Monday- I threw some tunes on and started the weekly home blessing tasks - stripped bed &bath linens. Washing first load now. Changed out the table linens and cleaned/disinfected the island and table. Remainder of tasks at 11 with Flylady 

did 1st 4 minute workout- doing a hot melt sprint this week - not as all encompassing as what I did in June, but restricted clean keto eating (bone broth soup, salad & protein) with intermittent fasting and exercise. I’m out of paleo protein powder, so will do eggs & veggies for breakfasts until my order shows up. 

have to call & make dental appointment and remind Dd to make hers. Also the accountant left a message that I need to return. They may not be in office, so I may push this to tomorrow.

Also Dd needs wisdom teeth removed. Have to see if we can fit this in before she goes back. Doctor physical too - when do they leave the pediatrician? 

it’s time to change some passwords too, doing a bit at a time.

Started reading atomic habits last night. So want to get to some more reading tonight. Oh and Dd & I started watching the bachelorette for the first time this season since some lady in one of my FB groups said her son is in it. He’s doing fairly well also. 
garlic lime salmon for dinner 

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I like just using the vacuum wand for this one…

Zone 2 Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends:We are in the Kitchen this week and we are going to work our way through from top to bottom!Your mission for today is to look UP!
Today we are going to look up, set your timer for 10 minutes and take a broom or a Multi-wand and get those dust bunnies and cobwebs that are hanging on the upper walls that are taller than you, the corners of the ceilings and the ceiling. If you are feeling adventurous ask someone in the house to help you and take a damp rag to the light fixture and/or ceiling fan. Please be careful! Don't get obsessed and take your light fixture apart or repaint the ceiling.