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Tuesday, July 6th - To Do

Started Jul-5 by scapermom; 107 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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Oh geeze people are coming out of the woodworks - just had a conversation over Facebook with some of my crew from the old neighborhood, they want to meet up in Manhattan in the fall. I mean I haven’t seen these people in 20 - 30 years? … are they that desperate for contact? It’s still going on,ugh

ok on to the days plan… morning routine mostly done, need to flip laundry.

‘leftovers from yesterday include calls - dentist for me is priority since a tooth is now hurting - sensitive to hot & cold. 
Have to see about renting the micro fridge for Dd - wasn’t available yet last I looked

today’s Flymission 

Short dog walk early or late - it’s too hot & humid

dh mentioned a good sale on a refrigerator at Costco that I need to look at

more reading tonight

garlic lime salmon for dinner ( forgot I defrosted a small chicken for last nights dinner - made it in the Foodi)


From: friedchickn


Ok.  Long weekends mean lots of work when I get home.

Just finished cleaning out the fridge, kinda left it til today, lol.  Picked the dog up from boarding, gave him a quick bath.  And I've managed to go through my emails.

Next up....this giant stack of mail.  Sigh.

So my ultrasound on Friday showed a bunch of fibroids and cysts.  I need a followup MRI cause one ovary was hiding behind my uterus and they couldn't get a good image of what was there...but there was something there.  Here's to hoping it's nothing exciting?!?!?  I have a feeling I'm testing my way to a hysterectomy.  Not sure how I feel about that.

I have a bunch of laundry to take care of.

Dh wants to head back to the boat to continue to work on our septic issue....we also had a battery issue this weekend....FML.  So I'm going to pack us some dinner and bring a book and try to just relax.


From: scapermom


Fibroids & cysts could be a cause . I had a huge one and even had endometrial  testing at one point (not pleasant). The fibroids supposedly shrink after menopause.

If you do end up with the hysterectomy at least you’re closer to the age when it’s closer to it naturally occurring so hopefully not as bad a shock to your system. 
not that you need any more todo, but posting the Flymission 

Zone 2 Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends: Back to the kitchen we go! Your mission for today is to wipe down the doors of your cabinets. Use a damp rag and wipe down the fronts and the edges of your cabinets. This is really a simple thing to do but we have a tendency to ignore the cabinets because there is always so much more going on in the kitchen. Finger prints and grease attach themselves to the cabinets and make them a little sticky. A good wipe down will make a big difference.
Remember we are taking babysteps! Small little missions that add up to a shiny kitchen.

From: friedchickn


Yeah well....given the number of lumps and  

Being a woman sucks.