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Monday, July 12th - To Do

Started Jul-12 by scapermom; 91 views.

From: friedchickn


Morning.  I actually feel pretty well rested...which is weird for a Monday

dh just left for the post office.  he has to extend GG's mail forwarding....sadly I think he has to do that from the originating office.  So I see a trip to NH in our future.  FML.  Also got a  weird text from GG's brother this weekend asking where the car keys were.  "None of your business"...isn't quite the right answer....

Normal Monday here....brought back some leftovers from this weekend, so breakfast and lunch is covered.  Will have to figure out dinner....but might be able to convince dh to go out.  I'm awful lately

Workout, romwod, plank and GHD

piano practice

week money, water plants, cat litter and laundry

bills, receipts and emails.

A FULL DAY in other words

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From: scapermom


Morning chores mostly done! Started weekly home blessing with stripping the bed when I got out, towels & table linens are all switched out and table & island is cleaned. Started first load of said table linens & dish cloths. Next will be sheets.

Think I’ll do 10 minutes on the bike today for some’s already 81 with 84% humidity so no dog walk until maybe evening if it’s not raining. 
‘have to call the dentist when they open later to try to get seen earlier than the appointment I made since the tooth is really bothering me when I eat or drink anything hot or cold. Can’t chew directly on it either.

todays Flymission . Listen to Flylady show and do 2 minute challenge cleanup 

Meal plan, since I got the butcher box delivery Saturday and am done with the various ‘hot melts’. Though I’ve got a weeks worth of ‘bonus’ menus I can maybe incorporate.

dd lost her retainer so I promised to help her comb through her disaster of a bathroom to find it. Lord give me strength 

tonight I’ll make cod with zoodles 

hot melt sprint this past week enabled me to shed 2 more pounds, and I didn’t measure, but my bra was definitely looser going on today. Goal is another 7 lbs toget to recommended weight. So need to keep going with this ‘healthy’ keto lifestyle for a bit.