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Wednesday, July 14th - To Do

Started Jul-14 by scapermom; 89 views.

From: scapermom


Storm the bastille with a list! 


From: friedchickn


Dishwasher emptied, breakfast done and kitchen cleaned.

Another early start for me today.  Need to leave after 9 to meet with the Chef and work through some edits on the LLC draft.  I'd prefer to just sit and read a bit longer. I knew these things took time.....but geez this is dragging.

Dump run.

Workouts: crossfit, plank, GHD and romwod.

piano practice

Dh is doing some sort of mountain bike race tonight, so dinner will be out.  Again.

It's raining....but I might get out and finish that last bit of weeding and plant the plants I got the other day.  Not sure yet....but def want both done by the end of teh week, so running out of time.

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From: scapermom


Morning moving along. Laundry’s going, need to haul the upstairs basket down and sort at some point, but DH had a huge load of his work clothes in the laundry room so that’s getting done first, then I’ll sanitize cos who knows what he has on those thing

early dog walk before heat sets in

4 min workout x 3 today 

tons of emails to get thru. Looks like the family one needs another clean out too.

have to call my dentist since the endontist appt I got is the same day as when she wanted to start my crown so thinking to reschedule but want to see what they say. 
it’s Wednesday so bills, filing, etc. it’s past time to move last years stuff out, so May start on that project if I have the energy 

dd picks her move in time & day today, so then I’ll be free to schedule dog boarding 

tonight there’s a live Q&A on the school Instagram about move in - so far no info has been given on whether family can help or what

going to make a ground Turkey skillet meal for easy dinner.