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Thursday, July 15th - To Do

Started Jul-15 by scapermom; 106 views.
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Morning going, laundry started, dogs been out, kitchen in usual chaos when everyone is home. 
need to cancel one of the endontist appointments I made - the sooner one - apparently they don’t have the special X-ray I need. 
behind on fly missions so need to get on them

some errands - Dd wants to browse in target . Oh and found out last night if we mail boxes by the 29th they will put them in rooms for us. So need to think about what to send ahead. May ask on Dorm Chatter group.

there was a system glitch yesterday, so DD’s time slot to pick her move in day/time got moved to today. So as soon as she finds out, I’ll make dog boarding calls.

Continue with file cleanout project

think we may head to our favorite bbq joint for dinner tonight. I’m in the mood, just hope my tooth can take it


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Zone 3: Mission #4 Thursday
Today we are going to think about things that we would like to change in our bathroom and make a want list. Now you don't have to go out and buy it all at once. Think color; paint, towels, and shower curtain. This is your chance to dream and scheme. Flying means we learn to break projects down into babysteps and not kill ourselves or our budgets. Then make a list of things you are running low on in the bathroom; Shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste. You know what your use. Take inventory and see what you need. Do you have a master list of everything you use in the bathroom? Just think about it and eventually put one in your control journal.
Now for the office. Do you love your desk? Have you cleared it off enough to be able to smile when you raise up your head from working. If not finish cleaning off the top of your desk. It is a lie that a cleared desktop means there is an empty mind sitting behind the desk. A clean and clear surface will help you to focus and not be overwhelmed. Try it! You may just like how it feels. Now keep the what-nots and pictures to a minimum. More is not better. There is nothing worse than one of your hotspots pushing the family pictures to the floor.

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Getting on here a little late.

The GG #### show continues....apparently he ordered a hospital bed for the house and convinced a friend to come by and build a ramp.  Dh may have successfully shut down both, but I guess only time will tell.  What a #### show....and yes, she's still living in his house.

Breakfast with my friend.  Then swung by the ILs to see how things were, ughhh.  Sigh.  Dropped teh permanent address change for GG at the post office.

Fed my starter and made a pizza dough for grilled pizzas for dinner.

I have yoga dinner will be later on.

And today is I need to make it all disappear.

Read a chapter

Maybe get to planting those plants....maybe I'll do 2, there are 6 total.  But it's sooooooo hot and humid.