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Tuesday, July 20th - To Do

Started Jul-20 by scapermom; 114 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list today?

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From: scapermom


Yesterday’s like a blur - nothing exciting happened just busy 

Today I’ve got some calls to make - heard the place I used for last dog boarding had an outbreak of kennel cough. Then saw my 2nd choice also had one - they were transparent about it at least. Need to talk to the vet & make appointment too - she’s due for booster shots now.

‘Also going to book Dd for wisdom teeth removal in January 

want to put in an Arbonne order for myself & get the new Apple Cider vinegar shampoo for Dd 

dog walk early before heat sets in

Just going to do an easy yoga routine today

have dentist later today for tooth prep and temporary crown

will throw chicken breasts in the crockpot for dinner - thinking shredded soft tacos - have to make a few I can eat out of cassava flour, or just buy on way home from dentist at Whole Foods depends on how long dentist takes and how I feel - May just be able to have a protein shake for dinner


From: friedchickn


Slept ok...given everything that's going on...I'll take it.

Started a new series last night....The White Orchid.  It's on HBO and it's funny and weird...

Also got to read a ton of my book, which was nice.

Today looks pretty busy....piano lesson at 2, yoga at 5.  I'll slip my crossfit in before the piano lesson.

Fold yesterday's laundry.

Figure out dinner....ugghhhh.

Review the changes to the LLC agreement.  They were all really minor....we're not inventing anything new here...

dog bowls got done on Friday before i left

1 chapter

and keep working on this week's 3...the spackle, the metal bucket and the boat bin


From: friedchickn


Kennel Cough is making it's rounds up here too.  It happens every summer and every holiday season.

As long as he's vaccinated he should be fine....sick and coughing for awhile, but ultimately ok.