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Tuesday, July 27th - To Do

Started Jul-27 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s plan?

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From: scapermom


 I just emereged from the internet rabbit hole! Managed to let out and feed the dog, then randomly started looking for a mini vacation we can doin the next week or so before Dd goes back to school. Then I went on Facebook… got nothing accomplished- need family buy in for the vacay. 

So still need to start laundry and attend to kitchen.

want to portion and freeze most of the leek & carrot soup I made on a whim yesterday to use up the leeks from the last CSA bag before they went bad.

todays Flymission 

Have dentist for cleaning at 1, need to pick up my meds at CVS after/before? They’re in opposite directions really

started a Get Strong challenge. Feeling yesterday’s exercises in my back. Push ups kill me. Today calls for a fast walk for 10-15, so can manage that inside later. I’ll use a Walk 15 video.

trash collection & disposal

dog walk after sunset 

DH is doing a double so just Dd & I for a fend for ourselves dinner

another move in webinar from school tonight to listen to


From: friedchickn


ahhhhh Tuesday.  The leftover day of Monday.  LOL

Working out....cause I eat like crap.  Then yoga tonight.

Need a quick grocery trip and dh would like some potato salad for I'll whip that up.

Cat litter

A load of whites and maybe some handwashing of bras.

And dog bowls


Decided and already finished this week's 3.  Still teh guest room, cause we will ahve guests next week.  And giving the black leather chair a's got dog drool all over it

Watched the HBO documentary on Woodstock  good.