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Wednesday, July 28th - To Do

Started Jul-28 by scapermom; 97 views.

From: friedchickn


Here we are at dump day again.  LOL

Early morning vet appointment, ugghhh.  ear infection is looking much better.  Now we just have to do a weekly cleanse.  I guess I can handle that.  

Sour dough....think I'm gonna make waffle batter.  And I have some fresh picked blueberries to add in.

Started the guest room laundry.  Room needs a full dusting and then another vacuum.  Closet has also turned into some random storage that'll need addressing.

Dog bowl


tonight, dh and I are headed over to do some maintenance on the oxford county animal shelter...then not sure on dinner or what.

piano practice at some point

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From: scapermom


Just got back from early dog walk. If I don’t take her early on these hot days she can’t go til late at night if at all. 
have some leftover tasks from earlier this week to get to.
Also need to get a poop sample to bring to the vet - they already charged us for it.

it’s Wednesday so bills, filing and a pile of receipts 

it’s a full body workout day on the challenge- looks like crunches, high knees, squats and wall sits so no push ups at least

have to put in Arbonne order before end of month

Still have chicken thighs leftover and soup (made a ton), so unless DH wants to go out, that’s what we’ll have.