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Thursday, July 29th - To Do

Started Jul-29 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Good morning! ?? 

Dog walk done. Not as hot today but really humid and rain from afternoon on expected. 
morning routine started- need to bring down laundry basket , DH took care of 1st kitchen cleanup, dogs all done (still need to get the sample to take to vet - missed this morning since DH did cleanup out back too) 

DH will be leaving shortly to take his parents for various appointments 

got the CSA bag in from the porch, started cleaning the beets. There’s corn, green peppers, red onions and jalapeños there. Think I’ll be making a Mexican skillet or chili with some of that tonight.

want to make labels for all of DD’s dorm boxes. Wish I had uniform sized boxes, but mainly using what I had, bought one of those big ones in Costco for the odd sized stuff , also have obligatory fraktas . Got the sterilite drawers but she doesn’t want to take them, and she found the rolling 3 tier cart from Michael’s useless. She’s in a single this time so probably less space.

target & or Michael’s is on my errands list

have to find a local notary for DH 

todays get strong challenge is 15 minutes of HIIT 

‘Flymission ?

need a good book to read


From: friedchickn


Breakfast out with a friend.  Felt so bad for the waitress....I think she was the only one and the tourists were getting bitchy.  Seriously, she's got like 20 tables, get over yourself....she's doing her best.

Made dh blueberry waffles before I left...still need to clean the kitchen.  Dinner tonight....freezer diving.  there's a bunch of singles in there that need eating.  It's getting a bit cluttered and this is the easiest way to deal.

Might go for a run later, currently dying from heartburn....why??? Breakfast I guess.

Have a bunch of scattered items that came up at the end of teh day I need to deal with that.  And my email, aka task list, is out of control AGAIN.  So I'll spend some time there.

Still cleaning the guest room....linens are done.  I'll dust and clear the closet out (and shove it in dd's room....since I think it's all hers)

Might (not) be going to a fair near a friend's house.  It's looking like rain and I'm just not interested in mud and rain....