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Wednesday, August 18th - To Do

Started Aug-18 by scapermom; 138 views.
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From: scapermom


Hot and extra extra humid! Talk about dog days…

Trying to get morning routine done. Laundry’s going, dogs done, kitchen eh?

Focus on dorm move in - getting down to the wire. We need to finish packing up DD’s stuff. Also want to put an overnight bag together for myself. DH is on his own.

dog needs to get dropped at boarding. 
pack up the car after

we leave early tomorrow ! I don’t expect to be online before. I’m falling back to paper lists. It’s like freshman drop off even though she’s now a sophomore! Weird & crazy


From: friedchickn


Good luck tomorrow!!!!  And welcome back to the empty-nest!!!


From: friedchickn


Dump day!!!  Almost forgot...not that there was much.  A box of recyclables and a small bag of trash.  Stopped at the PO to grab the fuse dh had to order online (blew one on the boat last weekend)

Workout, a plank, some GHD....maybe a ROMWOD, we'll see.

It's hot as hell and muggy...already turned on the AC

Tonight dh is doing that Enduro race thing I'll bring my book, grab a drink and hope my friends show up so I have someone to talk to.  Dinner out after the race...unless we grab some food there.  WHo knows.

Didn't get to fold the boat laundry, dog bowls or the sliders I'll try to prioritize those.

piano practice.

that's about all my friends...