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Thursday August 26th - To Do

Started Aug-26 by scapermom; 147 views.

From: friedchickn


Back from Portland and boy do I have a list of stuff to get done...still have figured out everything, I'll just do the best I can.

The dog is a hot mess....didn't eat, sleep or poop at dd's.  She said he was a panting nervous wreck.  Sigh.  I've already pottied him, he pooped for me...gave him some water and put him down for a nap.  why must he be so like a toddler?

Headed to the grocery in a few to pick up boat food for this weekend.  We're camping on Sebago Lake again.


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From: friedchickn


Groceries put away, forgot to start the dryer the other day so repeating that load and cleaned up the "empty belly" dog puke.  Sigh.

Lunch will be leftovers.

Dh is on tap for dinner while I go to yoga.

Took sourdough starter out.....need to make a pizza dough before the day is over.  It'll be a meaty cheesy that I'll probably cook tomorrow.  Running out of daylight hours to get that done today.

Need to call GG.

And pack the dog cause he's off to boarding tomorrow.  Sorry bud.

And some day....those friggin sliders will get done...LOL


From: scapermom


Just getting back here. I guess quiet mornings are a thing of the past? Maybe I should prepare my list the night before now? One thing for sure I need more coffee…

Dh left to take his mom to appointments, but first stop is Costco to pick up some stuff for her. He went yesterday to the Italian deli to get some prepared meals for them.  Her numbers are going up, which is a good thing. She seemed tired but mostly herself at the Shower last weekend.

‘DD’s settling back in and meeting some people finally. Mostly boys though and she wants/needs some girl friends. The non backstabbing kind. She stopped eating the eggs in the morning which has helped with the stomach issues. So going good! Lol

laundry is done at least, DH did kitchen before leaving 

no dog walk til after sunset

Easy yoga needed for exercise 

didn’t finish filing so will do that today

maybe a mani pedi later 

need to start my Broccoli sprouts for the September sprint - that extra 4 lbs has turned to 5. Gotta stop the evening wine

Going to do honey garlic chicken drumsticks in the instant pot, with instant mashed and maybe roasted eggplant, peppers and onions or grilled if DH gets back in time


From: scapermom


It’s crazy how off the dogs get from their routine being upset. They are creatures of habit that’s for sure!


From: friedchickn


Leo seems more susceptible than others we've had....he just gets so out of sorts.  He was thrilled to go see dd, til he figured out he was staying overnight.  LOL.