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Tuesday, August 31st - To Do

Started Aug-31 by friedchickn; 136 views.
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From: friedchickn


I was up way way early for me.  I heard dh leaving to go biking and decided I could use some ME time.  So I got up and had my coffee....even the dog and the cat left me alone.  It was glorious.

And apparently...there is a man staining my garage.  Sigh....gotta love rural Maine contractors.  They show up when they want to and they rarely tell you in advance.  Not gonna complain....been waiting since the Spring.

Breakfast is done, kitchen slightly cleaned up.  Laundry started.  I'd like to do our bed linens...but that might get pushed til tomorrow.  Looks like I already have 2 loads on deck...although I could switch linens and just strip and remake....hmmmm.  Maybe I'll do that.

There's stuff for lunch.  Need to figure out dinner.  Also need a run to the farm stand for some veggies....I'd prefer before lunch.  But let's see how today goes.

A workout and yoga tonight.  Should be good and sore tomorrow

piano practice

dog bowls

Need a new book....guess I'll stop by the Little Free Library

Call GG

And today is bills, bills and more bills.


From: scapermom


I’m here finally - after several attempts ! 
your contractor story reminds me of that old movie Mr. Blandings Builds A dream house I think it was called? With Cary grant. I even think it took place in Maine? Not far off from the truth!

got morning stuff done. Still need to take clothes out of dryer, fold and put away - mostly socks & t shirts. 
made a few online orders

got out to grocery shop

will do 10 mins on the stationary bike in a bit. Maybe arms too.

have to call my sister later. Her son was exposed to Covid at work, she is freaking out even though she’s vaccinated and they told her she’s not immune compromised after her bout with cancer & radiation. But I can sympathize since having gone through it with DH. Last night told her to up her vitamins &pop a Xanax 

Just me for dinner, so I’ll eat the leftover salmon with the frozen’ tattooed chef’ cauliflower Mac N cheese I just picked up. I’ll finish off the white wine with it and watch tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise- it’s so stupid really! 


From: friedchickn


Oh to have a night to wonderful would that be!!!!  Enjoy teh wine and the Bachelor!!!