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Wednesday, September 1st - To Do

Started Sep-1 by scapermom; 91 views.

From: scapermom


Start the month with a list?

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From: scapermom


Got up and stepped on the scale since I start the hot melt 30 today. Didn’t measure, I couldn’t find the tape last night. So will look for it today.

facetimed with Dd to see her ootd lol She’s a busy gal today. Full slate of classes, then she’s having to sit at auditions for the tv show she got roped into being a producer on.

‘DH is home today. The jab appointment I made for him for today got canceled (they ran out) so he’s going to his back up one Friday.

got the CSA bag early since we’re expecting to get hit with a deluge of rain today from Ida. So need to unpack, clean store & see if I can use any of it.

will check in with sis at some point to see if nephew got results yet

its Wednesday, so I’ll do bills & all that goes with that

4 minute workouts 3x a day and May try flights of stairs on the hour 

The best thing about doing the 30 day melt is dinner is planned for me! Kale lime beef soup tonight


From: friedchickn


How is it September?  This summer has just blown by and this morning is cool and crisp, feels like fall.  I'm not ready.

Dh has his 1 week follow-up appointment for the first eye.  He went alone, said he was fine to drive....and has plans to pick up the boat mattress (it's finally done) and stop at a Bank of America to finally get GG's credit card turned off.  They wanted the real documents, not copies (even notarized) and clearly dh wasn't sending those in the mail.  Let's see how successful he is....

My ILs are supposed to be heading out for a few days to a B&B....I thought they were leaving this morning, but when I just popped by to feed teh cats they were still there....WTF.  Why can't anything with them be simple?

Dump run is done....of course I forgot the those should be overflowing by next Wednesday.  Sigh

I rehomed a keurig from the boat.  Meeting the lady at noon.  I have 2 more things to rehome for this week.

Dog bowls, which didn't get done yesterday.

The damn sliding doors...yes, still.

The stairs


I did change the bed linens I need to wash them all.

Workout...maybe a romwod...and a plank.

1 chapter....started a new book called Girl Talk.  It's about teh science of female friendship.  So far it's very interesting.

Tonight we're headed down to the boat to put the mattress in, take a sunset cruise and grab some dinner