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Thursday, September 2nd - To Do

Started Sep-2 by scapermom; 143 views.
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From: scapermom


Boy did it rain here last night!  Some minimal leaking and DH’s pump setup worked it’s magic . Decided we need to get that leaf guard for the gutters. When the roof gets done we’ll tack that on. 
We got lucky though, lots of flooding all around us. 
Looks like some yard cleanup will get done today.

have already started laundry 

4 min workouts and maybe some yoga 

early dog walk since it’s cool

started a paper clean out & shred project yesterday when I had trouble filing, that I should continue today. Also need to put papers in binders that I let pile up. 
finish vacuuming upstairs, did DD’s side yesterday, today our side

DH mentioned getting Italian sausages for dinner to go with the pile of peppers and onions I cooked last night. They sent more peppers and giant eggplant in this weeks box too. I’ll maybe make a tray of eggplant parm and freeze it this weekend?


From: friedchickn


Getting on here kinda late....had my doctor's appt and a date is set for surgery....getting all my parts removed.  Oh joy.  It's not til Oct I have plenty of time to line up some movies/tv shows I wanna watch as well as some books and quiet activities.

Stopped at the good grocery afterwards and got fixings for this weekend.  I'm on deck for steak and cheese subs and french toast.

Fed my Ils cats, hit the PO and now I'm ready to sit still for a bit....maybe read today's chapter.

Need to go get a dowel at the hardware store for a project.

piano practice

Fed my sourdough and started a pizza dough.  Dinner will be a deep dish pizza.

and that's about all i have the mental capacity for today...


From: friedchickn


my BFF in NJ got stranded in her car after she drove it into a "lake"...had to have 911 come save her.  And her basement, which always floods, is "under water".  

She's a bit distressed.

And I can't say this to her.....but I'm not all that sympathetic.  Why on God's green earth did she continue driving after she self admittedly couldn't see anymore? And why did she feel the need to go get dinner?  Also....anything lost in that basement is her own damn floods every spring and at least once or twice during hurricane season....and she continues to use it for storage.


From: scapermom


Yeah if you watched the local news you knew not to venture out. One of DD’s friends dads got stuck and had to abandon his car in a street turned stream, but he was making his way back home from work.

the amount of rain coming down was unbelievable- something like 3 inches per hour in some places. North & west were hit harder than here in central/south Jersey. NJ transit was not running this morning either.

I saw some nyc videos and it was crazy there too.  both of fordhams campuses were closed today due to flooding